Thursday, February 26, 2015

Unconscious Prejudices Test by Harvard

Almost everyone holds prejudices that they are not even aware of. Harvard has created tests that measure prejudice through quick presentation of certain factors, so you can see what prejudices you hold that you may not be consciously aware of. For instance, when stimulus are presented in a rapid manner in which you cannot consciously perceive, most white participants will react more negatively to black race - an example that has been called modern racism.
See what prejudices you hold:
(I took the race and sexual orientation tests. Take with an open mind, because most of these prejudices are held societally and are not an indication of your character.)

Group Think

Psych term of the day:
Groupthink - a type of thinking in which group members share such a strong motivation to achieve consensus that they lose the ability to critically evaluate alternative points of view. This typically leads to poor decisions. Groups limit the list of possible solutions to just a few, and they spend relatively little time considering any alternatives once the leader seems to be leaning toward a particular solution. In addition, groups may fall prey to entrapment, a circumstance in which commitments to a failing point of view or course of action are increased to justify investments in time and energy that have already been made.

Free Psychology Course: The Mind is Flat

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"Our everyday conception of how our minds work is profoundly misleading. We are victims of an ‘illusion of mental depth’ - we imagine that our thoughts and behaviours arise from hidden motives and beliefs and that we can understand ourselves by somehow uncovering these hidden forces, whether through therapy, lab experiments or brain scanning.
This course will show you that the very idea of these ‘mental depths’ is an illusion. When this is stripped away, our understanding not only of minds, but also morality, markets and society is transformed."